San Diego Umbrella Ministries has monthly meetings, an annual Mission Bay Walk, an annual Family and Friends  Event, Bible Studies and we send out compassion packets to mothers who have recently experienced the passing of a child. We are mothers who come together to encourage one another during our darkest valley.  If we can be of any help please don't hesitate to email or contact Linda Stirling @ 619-871-2870

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Linda Stirling's home 

3095 Conner Way, San Diego 92117

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San Diego Meetings
3095 Connor Way, San Diego 92117
Contact Linda Stirling 619-871-2870

NEW North San Diego County
1st Saturday of the month 10am - Noon 
7429 Artesian Rd. San Diego, 92127
Contact Janette Henning for information
North San Diego (Vista)
1438 Independence Way, Vista 92084 
Contact Kelly for information:  760-884-7377 
or email Diane at for dates and information.
Escondido Meetings at Emmanuel Faith Church
4th Saturday of the month
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Inland Empire/ Temecula Meeting 
Call Diane at 951-232-3630.  

Past Meetings:
March Highlights:  What can you thank God for today?  Did someone call to encourage you?  Did a butterfly or garden or sunset remind you of our gracious Creator?  Thankfulness precedes trust which leads to peace that passes all understanding!  Come be encouraged in your walk with moms that completely understand and will lift your mind and heart to once again be thankful.

September 16th Annual Family and Friends Meeting
Our very special "Family and Friends" meeting where spouses, older siblings and support friends are invited.  Lunch provided - donations accepted to cover cost. Please RSVP for this event to or call Linda at 619-871-2870
The Grief Toolkit with Glen and Tanya Lord
"The Grief Toolkit" Glen & Tanya Lord are traveling from the east coast to speak for our September Family & Friends' meeting. Their outreach is The Grief Box Ministry.  They lost their 4 1/2 year old son, Noah, due to complications after a routine tonsillectomy.  They will talk about the unique paths moms and dads travel down as they grieve the death of a child.  Developing an outreach for others caught in the web of grief was not THEIR plan, but a calling to which they responded.  

A few past Meeting Recaps and Details: 
This will give you a brief idea of what our meetings include.
April Meeting:
Our April meeting included one of our own Umbrella moms, BJ Jensen, a bereaved mom of two of her three children, we experienced how MUSIC CAN BE A CATALYST TOWARD HEALING as we journey through grief's perplexing expression.  BJ  encouraged, enlightened, and inspired us with music, movement, and information that gave us some excellent tips on how to survive the unthinkable.  She and her husband, Dr. Doug, have been workshop presenters at The Compassionate Friends, Bereaved Parents of the USA, T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Programs for Military Survivors), and Umbrella Ministries for Grieving Moms Regional and National Bereavement Conferences.
BJ shared how she has gone from barely surviving to abundantly thriving as she shares music, sign language, her sense of humor, compassion, and knowledge on the subject of grief that will help us toward our own healing.

February 2017 Meeting:

Our February 11th meeting featured Pastor Mickey Stonier, police chaplain and pastor at The Rock Church.

Here are a few “ah ha’s” from his encouraging talk:

 - Losing our child is not a betrayal by God - He never leaves our side no matter our anger or despair, He is there for our journey.

 - The brain changes when we have a trauma such as a death.  The emotional, center lobe takes over, blocking the frontal area of rational thinking.

   MRI’s can actually see that change occur in vivid color.  So, when we are caught in the web of emotions where do we find hope?

 - A path toward renewal and hope is talking with a rational friend - best being one who also has lost a child but farther along the grief-path.

   Find a Christian counselor who can guide you in re-firing more rational thought, recognizing practical steps toward emotional healing.

-  With a sensitive mentor, friend, counselor you can assess your options, resources, solutions that are best for your grieving process.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but time does make it easier to bear, and another mother can be an understanding mentor.

The message we heard profoundly convinced me how important the Umbrella meetings are in the grief journey.  1/2 of those attending are there to help, guide, be an example of the possible.  1/2 need encouragement and a vision of hope.

Umbrella Ministries connects hearts and heals wounds through understanding and confirming, Our God is a God of comfort.

 January 2017 Meeting:
Moving Forward is our theme for 2017, San Diego Umbrella Ministries.

This past Saturday we focused on WALK, WILL, & WISDOM:

God calls us to WALK through the valley of the shadow - the Shepherd’s walking with you.

When we pray for His WILL to be done, we start to get nudges what to move toward and why.

Through reading God’s Word we are given WISDOM for this journey - a journey not a rut in our road.

The Saturday focus for A Shepherd’s Walk states:

Saturday:  “The Lord Will Heal Me”  Psalm 23:5

 Physically, mentally and emotionally, God wants us to surrender our wounds and emotional sores.  

When the healing involves God, the results include miracles.   

The dark valley of depression holds the enemy of our soul.  

Each day I would visualize Him anointing me with the most precious oils of His love, prodding me with his staff, holding my right hand and drawing me out of the shadows of anger and fear to the comforting still waters and beautiful green pastures. 

He will restore my broken heart.

By seeking His WISDOM, we will discover His WILL for our WALK out of the shadows.

From misery can come ministry.  AMEN!

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