April Meeting

Hello Moms,
Our next meeting will be April 13th. Linda will share a brief study and discussion on " The Post Easter Resurrected Spirit!"
We need LOTS of hands on deck to put together welcome bags for the conference. Also for the annual conference which is RAPIDLY approaching, we need the following:
Donations needed for "Art Therapy. Workshop" - scissors, magazines (for collages, felt pens, sketch books, colored pencils.  We also need volunteers for hostesses - making sure no one is alone or lost (literally around the hotel grounds). Craft assistants for Cheryl.
Please check out the Conference website to find out all the details!  When you register you can ask for a roommate if you have a preference or you will be matched up. You do not want to miss this conference! May 17-19 Bahia Resort Hotel San Diego. 

March Meeting Update:
Shauna Bessette Proverbs Christian Counseling Service engaged the group in discussion about the journey of grieving. Many ideas were shared about stages of grief, as well as the setbacks, encouragement and disappointments. Shauna suggested we grab onto a verse that brings strength and comfort. James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom (substitute any word here...joy, faith, love, friends..) let him ask of God, who gives generously without reproach; and it shall be given him...." Was one of the verses suggested for our days of need. During our introductions we focused on how we deal with Date of Death anniversaries. Again we heard how not everyone, be it family members or friends, knows what we need, so we must do on that day what soothes us the best - grave visits, a day off work to be with Jesus. One insightful comment was when we try to bring together the whole family, sometimes that means there is too much pain in one room! Siblings especially want us, as parents, to "move on" - so taking time for ourselves, a hike or a walk on the beach or whatever is the most soothing activity we can plan, can be the best medicine for our soul. Everyone agreed that it was nice to have Christian counselor for referrals during those times of need.
Please let us know if you are able to help out at all with the conference.