February Meeting

Our next meeting entitled "His Heart to Your Heart" will be February 9th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm including a delicious lunch. 
The focus of the meeting will be "heart to heart" small groups with a mother farther along in her journey of loss leading the group discussion.  Each group leader will bring feedback to the larger group what is helping to ease the pain and brighten the outlook.  Strengthening verses will be shared in each group. 

We also will spend some time putting together compassion packets that we send out to new mothers who have experienced the death of a child.  We need lots of helping hands! 

Won't you consider joining us?  If you have questions about the ministry or the meeting format please call Linda Stirling 619-871-2870 or email jesse@umbrellaministriessd.com.
In our January meeting, Nancy McConlogue shared with all of us how The Lord gave her the idea of writing a blessing letter. A blessing is what God has already promised He is the ONLY one that can bless anyone. It is asking for God’s promises over whomever you are writing the blessing letter to. Nancy went on to show us how to write a blessing to our child, or anyone else we would like. The key to writing a blessing letter is to pray for 3 verses and allow Him to direct you to the verses. Nancy helped guide us to be able to bless another through scriptures. As we bless others – we receive blessings.  To those who are comfortable sharing a blessing they have written we encourage you to bring it to the next meeting.
We look forward to seeing you!