June Recap and July Meeting/Walk Information!!

Hello Moms!

Our meeting June 23rd was an experience we all will treasure:

Gripping or Grasping:  We learned that the Lord is daily reaching out to us to GRASP US by the right hand and lead us along paths of comfort and support.  The right side of our brain directs motion.  Our Father knows we need to MOVE in positive directions for our lives.  IF death overcomes us and we become mired in grief, Satan GRIPS US, and he wins, a victory in our lives.  Jesus came to demonstrate that with His sacrificial death, He triumphs over death.  With His resurrection he brings the promise of everlasting life and the heavenly home where we will be reunited with our children.  Sing praises for that promise.  Take a deep breath and inhale the freedom that comes with victory over the imperfection of this life on earth.  Let Him grasp your right hand and move you forward.
Those who attended the Umbrella Ministries Conference in May shared their experiences and the uplifting spirit that prevailed throughout the weekend.  This is a conference of joy.  One mother shared how she could not imagine thanking God for every experience in her life, including her daughter’s death, but she awoke in the middle of the second night at the conference, praising God for all he wants to do in her life and the protection from a destructive future her daughter faced under the power of drugs.  Many shared bountiful blessings from the weekend.  Interested in planning the next conference to be held in San Diego, May 2013?  Email Linda.
We prepared 50 packets with personalized note cards (created by Robbi Raher) to be sent out to mothers who have recently experienced the death of a child.  We were all blessed in the preparation.
Important dates coming up:  Mark your calendar –

July 14thThe 2nd Annual Mission Bay Walk  10:00 AM (breakfast)    HELP!!??
San Diego Visitor Center
(Near the South side in the grass)
2688 E Mission Bay Dr
San Diego, CA 92109
Light brunch snacks, coffee and water will be provided.
Bring a chair or towel to sit on in the grass.

This will be our monthly Umbrella Ministry meeting.
We will be having our short meeting and then walking with a new friend along the bay.
It is a great opportunity to meet a new mom in the ministry, get some fresh air and fellowship!

If anyone would like to help with this event, please let us know. Also – does anyone have a canopy they can bring?

Also – this would be a great time for each person to call their “card” buddy to invite them to the walk.  In April we exchanged contact information with our new best friend – it is a great time to make a call or send an email and encourage them to come take a walk.

August 25thCouples & Support Person Meeting  - 10:00 AM (lunch)
Bethany and Phillip Macintosh will share how husbands and  wives grieve in different ways but how God brought their relationship together as they walked through the valley of the shadow.  Bring your spouse, best friend, or relative to hear this  message of hope. RSVP as soon as possible!

September 22nd - Michelle Paul - Umbrella board member, “Letters to our Children”

October 13th  – Janette Henning

November 17th    - Daisy Catchings, founder of Umbrella Ministries, who will be with us as we approach the holidays.

RSVP - ASAP!!  We love having you join us.  You will be blessed!!!

Jesse Wright