April Meeting

San Diego Umbrella Ministries Lunch Meeting: Saturday April 28th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Please join us for a refreshing, uplifting time learning more about God's presence in your life and how he created us with a body that works for us to restore our energy, our vibrancy, our strength along the journey of our loss.

Christian nutritionist, Carrie Paraiso, will share with us her insight into the care and feeding of our bodies. "Healing a Broken Heart from the Inside Out" will help us to be more intelligent about the impact of various foods on our sense of well being. If you have time, pick out one healthy dinner recipe that takes less than 20 minutes to pull together. Bring it to the meeting and we'll start a healthy, easy meal cookbook to help us along the healing path. A healthy lunch will be served!!

Lynn McCarter is organizing rooming arrangements and car pools for the May "Journey of the Heart" conference in Palm Desert. There are scholarships for first time attendees. We need a definite headcount so we can apply for your funding. Don't miss this last meeting prior to the conference.

See you next Saturday. Remember to park off of San Juan Road.
Linda Stirling's Home
2261 San Juan Road
Mission Hills - 619-871-2870
Hwy 5 to Old Town Ave
Turn east to San Diego Ave - turn left.
Go to second stop sign, Harney St, turn right.
One block to Juan St - turn right up the hill to the top.
Turn right and park anywhere on Sunset or Guy St.
Walk to the right between two low brick pillars to 2nd house on the left.

If you have not done so please bring photo of your child for our Angel Board

Please RSVP to:  linda.stirling@rbc.com. This helps to plan lunch for everyone.